The Future Of Soft Surface Flooring

Tuftco Corporation was founded in 1960 as the Southern Machine Company; a manufacturer and distributor of tufting machines to the rapidly growing carpet industry. Tuftco’s founders were pioneers in developing and introducing the
broadloom tufting machine to the world, installing machinery in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. As the company grew, it expanded into finishing equipment, yarn delivery systems, and other ancillary equipment used by tufted carpet mills. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the company integrated computer technology in to the carpet production process and continued its growth through acquisitions of manufacturers of material handling systems and roll up machines.

Today, Tuftco Corp., is the only company in the world that can supply a turnkey carpet production facility providing all of the necessary machinery to take yarn from the tufting process all the way through to finished
broadloom carpet, commercial carpet tiles, bath rugs, area rugs, and artificial turf. The company has installed
equipment in over 40 countries spanning six continents, leading the global market for carpet production equipment.

Tuftco operates four manufacturing facilities located in the Southeastern United States encompassing over half a million square feet of production space with investments in the latest manufacturing technology, both equipment and software. Our facilities include a state of the art Tufting Design Center for tufting sampling and product development and an arrow width finishing range designed to showcase the company’s technological and product capabilities. We also employ software engineers to write product development and production management applications to ensure our customers have the tools they need to compete in the marketplace.

By far, the most important offering we have is our patented iTuft servo based patterning technology. This pattern device combines modular simplicity with leading edge technology to create a consistent and stable platform the industry can be confident in Our proven two roll gear driven configuration combines a full 360 wrap yarn control
with our servo control system to deliver precisely controlled yarn feeds at up to 25 times per second. The iTuft single end 1E, 2E, and 4E share a common plug and play unit consisting of a servo motor and controller base
which is accessible from the floor. The industry’s only 4+ end servo driven attachment utilizes a similar standardized interchangeable servo system with a larger geared roll and superior yarn control for applications that allow for multiple pattern repeats at an attractive price point. The iTuft pattern attachment can be used in
both loop and cut and loop constructions.

Tuftco recognizes the speed of evolving technology and production demands and builds its systems on a 64 bit window 7 operating system. At the same time, our internal software engineers are creating the latest tools for designers and product development teams to realize patterns and collections that evenly consume a creel minimizing yarn waste in the process. Tuftco’s iBalance software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze individual yarn ends and suggest adjustments to facilitate and maximize creel efficiency. The end result is less waste and more profitability for our customers.

Our user interface desktop application allows production managers to set up styles and pattern parameters in the office in advance without interrupting production equipment.

Networked systems can load previously saved pattern files to speed up changeovers and maximize run time on the production floor.

For simpler designs, and carpet for printing, we offer a direct drive high speed (DDHS) machine that produces high low textured products or smooth cut pile constructions at speeds of up to 2,000 rpms in either cut or loop constructions. Tuftco also produces machinery for the production of artificial turf/grass.

Tuftco’s latest product is known as iTron. iTron combines the iTuft modular servo technology with our patented hollow needle yarn delivery system, to produce multi colored textured patterns in cut, and cut loop constructions up to 12 colors and 24 shades. The system is gauge and stitch programmable with the press of a button. iTron delivers only the yarn appearing in the face fabric without wasting yarn carrying ends on the back or incorporating them into the primary fabric. This means lower yarn cost and maximum patterning capability. These products are gaining wide acceptance in hospitality and rugs replacing traditional woven products.

Tuftco continues to innovate, pioneering leading edge technologies utilizing the latest servo motors, electronic control systems, and proprietary software designed to deliver high quality, operator friendly production equipment
to the global carpet industry.

Our focus and investment in research and development combined with our customer centric solutions will ensure our customer shave a competitive advantage well into the future.

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