Specialist in Butt End Sewing

Dohle is a most experienced specialist in butt-end sewing. Dohle was founded in 1870 in Germany and focuses on butt-end sewing machines. The machines are well known and exported world-wide. The machines are in use in a wide range of different branches such as technical textiles, automotive, textiles, carpets, foam and plastics, mattresses, etc. Butt-end sewing saves money during production of these fabrics and materials.

The sewing is flat and therefore offers the following advantages:
The seam dries as fast as the rest of the fabric, the broad seam is stable for almost all kinds of fabric treatment and less imprints when rolling the fabric, i.e. less waste.

In principle the machines are available in two executions:

The stand mounted machines are flexible and can easily be moved even if little space is available. The rail-mounted machines give right-angled and straight seams for the weft-aligned finishing.

Dohle butt-end sewing machines increase the productivity at all kinds of fabric finishing processes. In the upcoming exhibition, Domotex 2018 in Hannover, Germany, we will present a variety of machines including Ultra-Super-for extra strong materials and our recently developed rail-mounted sewing machine L452 (light to medium materials) and the brand new sewing head L28 (medium to strong).

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