Shaw group gets two awards for sustainable purchasing

Shaw Industries received the Market Transformation Leadership Award and Supplier Leadership Award for leadership in the sustainable purchasing movement, a growing trend in which organisations are using their purchasing power to
advance the long term health and vitality of society, economies, and the planet, for EcoWorx- a commercial carpet tile product.

In all, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) recognised ten organisations and one individual for their leadership in the sustainable purchasing movement.

In addition to Shaw Industries Group,the Centre for Environmental Health has also been selected for Market Transformation Leadership Award.

Shaw Industries Group has been recognised for its innovative work to create EcoWorx – a commercial carpet tile product made largely from reclaimed materials with significantly reduced energy and water consumption, and respectability. This required forging unique collaborations with supplier and customers, and clearly demonstrates I
India’s handmade carpets may get a government trademark which will help ensure that products comply with
standards and quality benchmarks. The move is important since India is a leading exporter of handmade carpets with 40 per cent share of world’s handmade rug market at around Rs 9,000 crore. The government is developing standards for the purpose. According to a media reports, the textile ministry is working on creating a brand for Indian handmade carpets along the lines of Australia’s Woolmark, which is a guarantee of the highest quality of wool. This will reinforce India’s position as the top source of handmade carpets. Parameters on turnover, employment
and compliance with effluent treatment norms are expected to be made in two three years, the report said. its contribution to the circular economy, having achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver.

The leadership award winners were selected by a prestigious panel of judges. Each employ a wide range of sustainable purchasing strategies and documented the resulting environmental, social, and/or economic benefits in a case study.

“The winners of these awards have each demonstrated their commitment to leadership in sustainable purchasing. Collectively, they focus the powerful purchasing influence of organisations – in public and private sectors alike -to advance a socially just, ecologically robust, and economically prosperous future. The winners of SPLC’s leadership awards exemplify, encourage, and support a constructive cycle of innovation that will define the global marketplace of tomorrow,” say

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