Orian program brings space-dyed look at value

Orian Rugs’ newest design program brings the look of space-dyed yarn to the marketplace without actually space dyeing the yarn. The Anderson, S.C.- based manufacturer rolled out three new collections that incorporate the new Fusion 24 Color Technology developed by Director of Design Scott Miller and Vice President of Development and Design Jeff Hughes. Fusion 24 allows the company’s designers to control precise placement and infusion of up to six shades of each color.

The three collections that are made using the new technology are Next Generation Carolina Wild, Bohemian and Symphony. Space-dyed looks are created using multiple strands/reeds of color at a single time; comparatively, traditional space dye blasts a continuous strand of fiber with multiple variants of a color to create rugs with a heathered look. Officials say the color technology can be applied to a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from modern contemporary, traditional and transitional rugs. “The consumer benefit is we have not introduced any additional cost for the consumer,” said Deonn Baker, vice president of e-commerce and marketing. “They are getting a very sophisticated, space-dyed look for less than the cost. It is very retail ready, and it can range from geos to traditionals, contemporary designs, moderns. You get the full spectrum of design patterns and an endless amount of color combinations that have been created.”

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