How crazy it seems, we create your machine

Today Handsaeme Machinery is a company that is specialized in the design and construction of quality machinery for finishing woven and tufted carpets and technical textiles. For 3 generations, or more than 80 years, we have been starting from the production needs of the customer to work out a tailor-made solution for the automation of the production. We have grown over the years to be an international enterprise with the focus on unrolling, cutting (slitting), edge finishing, rolling and packaging (wrapping) machines and production lines for rugs, carpets and technical textiles. Besides in these industries we also work for clients from the wood and sandwich panels industry and we offer all kinds of customized automation solutions for many other businesses.

Our engineers like a challenge and therefore we focus on customized projects on demand rather than standard machines. From the 3D designs to the machine build-up in the production hall, our engineers and co-workers listen carefully to the customer’s needs. Every customer can be sure that the creation of the machine links up with the needs in every step of the process because as a customer, you’re always in close contact with our engineering department. For us, as for our customers, it’s important to keep innovating. Therefore the skills of the entire team are often updated so that we can offer our customers the most advanced techniques.

Each customers’s production distinguishes itself from the competition throughout its quality and exceptional character. To safeguard this unique product range, they need specific machines that are easy to operate and give maximal production efficiency. Together with Handsaeme Machinery, each customer will get the best solution for their needs, within a reasonable budget. The saying “How crazy it seems, we create your machine!” is our motto after all. We always ensure that our machines can be machines can also be built perfectly into an existing production line, or be extended with optional units. We also study your current production, thus ensuring a smooth flow and optimal return on investment.

Furthermore Handsaeme Machinery has in-house a machining department for flat & three dimensional lasercutting, welding, milling and turning steel and aluminium. A team of mechanics works hard to build up the solid construction in our workshop where the machine is tested. After that they come over to your factory for installation and start-up.

For the carpet and technical textile industry we concentrate on those markets that are ready for automation and want to optimize the production of their factories and thus gain more return. We have references all over the world in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

India as a market for automation machinery is very valuable to us. We see that a great number of Indian entrepreneurs are searching for ways to industrialize their factories in order to increase the efficiency and output of the production.

We travel frequently to India accompanied by our local agent (MSB Consulting) to meet the managers in person and to visit the production halls so we can see what is needed with our own eyes in order to make a tailored proposal. Next to that we have already set up various production lines for both woven and tufted carpet in India and we hope to strengthen our market position in India over the next five years by reaching the individual needs of the Indian customers.

The last decade we see that many floor furnishing manufacturers are coping with the need to automate the production and finishing of the carpets they make due to trying to increase the efficiency. In fact, many players in the floor furnishing industry and in the carpet industry in particular, are seeking ways to slowly but surely change the production processes that were more manual in the past, to be automated so they can keep competing in the market. We from Handsaeme Machinery go to the actual production plants of our customers to see how the current situation is and how we can improve the efficiency according to the budget. For many customers we feel that a gradual change is the best way to cope with this trend in the floor furnishing industry.

Recently, there have been some changes in the development of our machines to make them more effective and profitable in the long run. For instance, on a slitting machine we have installed ultrasonic cutting heads instead of thermal cutting heads because the cutting is done more rapidly and also on a higher quality scale. With the ultrasonic cutting heads, we have a cleaner cut in the carpets so the carpet will not fray out as much anymore. Another recent innovation from our R&D department is a triple overedging line. This machine has 3 units in one frame, so it can finish the long edges of 3 carpets or runners simultaneously. Most runners have a width between 50 cm and 1,5 m. Overedging these separate runners is not cost efficient with the actual technology, because each type of runner of 1 specific dimension has to be finished separately. Next to being a great place saver, this machine is also very economic: only 1 operator is needed for the 3 units.

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