Dynamic Rugs introduces 3 new collections

Dynamic Rugs debuted three new collections, including a machine-made and two handmade ones, at the summer editions of the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, that ran from July 11-18 and the Las Vegas Market, to be held from July 30-August 3. In addition, the company grows several popular ranges with new

“We are constantly striving to be innovative here at Dynamic Rugs, thus, our goal is always to introduce something that the market has yet to see, whether it’s a slight variation from a previously successful product
or an entirely new concept all together,” said Anoosha Rouhanian, corporate counsel, business development at the Maryland-based rug wholesaler. “Consumer tastes and fashions are changing constantly and quickly, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game — whether it’s in trending colors, such as taupes, corals, bronze, burgundy, or in trending designs or qualities, like soft, smooth and sheen.”

In fact, the company has been sure to cater to the wants of Millennials, who are starting to buy furnishing for their own homes.

“Millennials enjoy traditional and rustic looks, but with a modern and abstract twist.Additionally, while older generations prefer strong solid colors in their rugs, our market research indicates that Millennials enjoy amore subtle conveyance of color — they prefer neutral tones with a bright accent color when decorating their homes. “And, retailers will look for qualities that are affordable and accessible to those who are only just starting out their careers.

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