Domestic home textile segmentneed to prepare for additional capacity-make available machine woven carpet high quality and compitive price

Modern living is now the restless urge for the new standard platform to “instant gratification seekers” with constant desire to make the home furnishing according to individual lifestyle, interest and taste. With professional advice as well as online information available on architectural aspect and decorations, this calls for extended range of fabric qualities for home textiles. The home textiles basket today has to be full of high
performance fabrics and multiple utility products.

As the understanding of product attributes, the home textile furnishing widens to fulfill aspiration of users, it demands for performance oriented textiles in all the aspects.

Space designing and furnishing being the crucial parts, needs fabrics specialization and selection as the major step to provide paramount utility and interest.

One of the most important need in furnishing starts with curtains.

Curtains are important item of home textiles and are generally preferred with materials like jacquard, dobby woven fabric, printed fabrics, piece dyed fabric with structured or plain weave depending upon the correlation with interior of room.

Although, the traditional concept of single layer curtains is most widely used but the two layer curtain concept has also been introduced that needs one layer for the purpose of being 100% opaque so that there is no outside light and the second one solves the purpose of decoration and could be a lighter fabric as compared to the first layer.

The decorated fabrics for curtains can be printed on flatbed, rotary or digital prints. The common fabric weight for main curtain material lies in 150 – 200 grams.

Moving on to the living area the fabrics lay on the sofa are generally of the jacquard, piece dyed, velvet prints, flocked fabric, dobby design, chenille fabrics and leather at times.

The sofa is grouped with cushions, these are available in a variety of ranges like shapes such as square, rectangle, circular and sizes with wide variety of textured and decorated fabrics according to the use. Cushions were originally filled with cotton, feathers and fabric scrap but this has now been replaced to polyester hollow fiber .

Living area and bedrooms include area rugs for a lavish display and the snug and pleasant experience.

Carpet is a textile product consisting of two layers, upper layer call “pile” attached with pre woven lower layer. Carpet is generally made from wool, jute fiber or man made synthetic fiber. The carpet construction can be woven, tufted and bonded.

The construction can be hand woven on handloom, modern looms or tufted rugs and latest addition to these are the machine knotted rugs. The size for the area rugs varies widely and the most common face fibers are wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, cotton, viscous. The bulk of area rugs are constructed with cut piles and combination
of loop and cut.

The main factors affecting carpet durability are fiber weight, pile density and yarn stiches per inch.

The modern living has equally affected all parts of the household including kitchen. These now have kitchen towels normally done with flat woven textiles with basket weave, plain weave in yarn dyed jacquard design.

There are fabrics used for mopping and wiping too. Apron and oven mitts or com monly called oven gloves are one of the essentials nowadays.

As we move from living area to bedrooms the textile contribution recasts itself to comfortability as the major concern. The bed linen story has aspects like mattress, cover, bed sheet, bedspread, blanket, comforter,
pillow, pillow cover and cushions.

The bedroom also includes an area rug and some decorative runners for the furnishings. The production of these usually is hand knotted, tufted, woven or knitted with a wide variety of natural as well as artificial yarns.

The textile plays part in the bathrooms as well. These may include bathroom towel can be hand or bathing and bath mats. The most popular towel qualities are both sided loop formed with cotton yarn woven with the help of two sets of warp with bobby and jacquard shedding the decoration popular for towel is jacquard designs, fancy borders, printed towels on one side.

The towel range includes piece dyed, micro cotton towels, 2 ply combed yarn piled towels, yarn dyed jacquard and
piece dyed stripes.

Home Textiles hold excellent growth potential as urban living calls for high per capita requirement of home textiles basedon field survey of 100 apartments and their usage of textiles in home furnishing.

The table is the basic representation of the fabric consumption for furnishing in an upper middle class section of living. Concluding the significance of textiles, an average upper middle class living certainly acquires a considerate amount of textiles apart from apparels for the customization and furnishing variations. Fabrics and their variety not only provide a style statement but also improvised the basic standard for trend and forecast.

Asia’s leading trade event Acetech keeps growing

Acetech New Delhi at Pragati Maidan was apportunity to source from over 4285innovative products and technologies showcased by 2715+ exhibitors

Acetech is the largest annually held exhibition in India on architecture, construction, engineering, building
materials and allied sectors. The exhibition provides an authoritative representation of every sector in architecture and design and shows the latest innovations in the construction industry. Acetech is a perfect platform for designers, architects, developers, product manufacturers and service companies. The exhibition is accompanied by a symposium for new ideas and solutions for construction related issues.

The Acetech in New Delhi took place from Thursday, 14. December to Sunday, 17. December 2017. Focussed on the progressive architecture, construction and design industry, Economic Times Acetech deals across 22 product categories that cater to wide audience across various segments.

It may be mentioned that Acetech is a series of Asia’s largest architecture, building materials, design and decor exhibitions, recognised as India’s premier portfolio of events for bringing major international and domestic
players from the building and interiors industry. Originated in Mumbai in 2006, the show now also runs in Delhi, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. The Acetech series of events annually attracts over 2,800 exhibitors (combined) and showcase the latest products, technologies and services available in the market.

Economic Times Acetech New Delhi is a leading trade event in Asia and the third of its kind in the world. Hosted over a span of 4 days at Pragati Maidan, this year’s show availed its participants and visitors an opportunity
to exhibit, exchange, invest and progress at a pace newly accomplished. Exhibitors from across the world were seen celebrating the chance to showcase their potential by providing detailed demonstrations of latest products and services, within industry segmented pavilions. The exhibition features the presence of a plethora of knowledgeable and influential stalwarts from the aforesaid sectors.

Top government authorities have graced the event over the years, right from Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister of Urban Development; Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Nitin Gadkari, Honourable Union Minister of Road Transport, Highways and Shipping to name a few.

Unique HFTW plans bigger in 2018

The wait for the sole home textile and floor furnishing technology event, Home Fashion Technology Week (HFTW India), organised by Tech Communiqué Multi Media (TCMM), will take place in the summer of 2018. The 3rd edition of HFTW will take place in Delhi on 27, 28, 29 June, 2018 and on 1 July, 2018 at Karur. As expected, the niche event will witness handsome participation from the industry leadership.

Last year’s HFTW event saw the special focus on bed linen, towels and curtains and witnessed participation in large numbers at The Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai. With 12 fully packed booths, the industry veterans were very positive about the outcomes of the 2017 event, which generated $50-60 million (Rs 350 crore) worth of technology related inquiries. A large number of business deals also materialised.

The 2018 HFTW is expected to generate about USD 1 billion. Stakeholders and veterans can vouch that there is no other event of this nature and stature and in India.

TCMM provides a unique platform for machine manufacturers of the textile industry. Even the audience/participants visiting the event, estimated to be about 3000 in numbers for 2018, will receive an excellent platform and food for thought as far as ideas and understanding of textiles and their production is concerned. The exhibitors for this event will be companies from all over the globe which are manufacturing machines/ provide support to serve the Home textile and Rugs and Carpet industry. The companies were very positive on participation in this event where potential clients from all India were present and were also provided with a platform where they were able to inform the clients on how they can add value in any part of the value chain in Home textiles and Rugs & Carpets.

Team TCMM has been talking to previous years exhibitors and are quite hopeful to have them repeat their presence in the show. This will includethe names of the likes of Durst, Tuftco, Magetron, Espritech, Smart MRT, Sontech, Stentex, Sunwin, Staubli, SMS Gartex, Zund, The Ideasmith, SP Setia & Associates, Home Textile Views, Textech Communique and Floortech Communique.

Some of the prominent visitors included Welspun, Trident, SSM Mills, Indocount, Alok Industries, Rangoli Solapur, Deesan Group, GM fabrics, Li & Fung and GOTS, among others and will be invited again for this prestigious show.

DOMOTEX 2018: Array of new highlights, features

Starting in 2018, DOMOTEX is moving from its traditional Saturday-to-Tuesday format to a new Friday-to-Monday format. This means DOMOTEX 2018 will open on Friday 12 January and remain open until Monday 15 January. The
change comes in response to calls from many exhibitors to switch the official DOMOTEX opening day to Friday.

Industry watchers and organisers claim that although DOMOTEX 2018 doesn’t open for another three months, but it’s already becoming clear that the 30th edition of the world’s leading tradeshow for carpets and floor coverings will be a very strong and innovative affair, sporting an extensive lineup of new features.

For one thing, the show, to be held at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Messegelände 30521, Hannover, Germany,
has a new hall configuration and venue layout that will make it a lot easier for visitors to survey the market and connect with the exhibitors and trends that matter to them. The show will also have a strong overarching focus on the megatrend of product individualization, as reflected in the keynote theme of “UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE “. This theme will find concentrated expression in Hall 9, which will house an inspiring wonderland of creatively staged display zones by exhibitors, artists and budding young designers. “The upcoming show will immerse its visitors in a totally new and captivating world of trends, innovations and lifestyle,” commented Dr. Andreas Gruchow as the responsible Managing Board member at Deutsche Messe. “Exhibitors and visitors alike can look forward to a wealth of concrete ideas that will help them grow their business and keep up with the trends and innovations that are shaping the future of their industry,” he added.

The enhanced DOMOTEX format has been well received by the carpet and floor coverings industry – as can be seen from the high level of exhibitor registrations. “We are well up on the number of exhibitors confirmed at the same time in the build-up to DOMOTEX 2017. We’re also significantly above expectation on booked display space,”
Klaproth said. “This further underscores DOMOTEX’s importance as a global marketplace and setter of trends for the carpet and floor coverings industry. At this rate, we are on track for around 1,400 exhibitors from over 60 nations,” she added. Apart from Germany, the show’s biggest exhibiting nations in terms of display space are
Turkey, India, Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Iran, Italy, Egypt and the USA.

The revamped hall configuration physically clusters allied product groups, making it much easier for visitors from all professional backgrounds – whether wholesale or retail, architecture, interior design, the skilled trades, or furniture or furnishing retail – to find their way around and survey the market. Getting down to specifics, halls 2 to 4 now house the biggest offering of hand-made carpets and rugs seen anywhere in the world. Halls 5 through 7 are home to a unique selection of machine-woven carpets and rugs. Hall 8 is the gateway to the latest carpet creations from the world’s most innovative designers and labels. The displays of resilient floor coverings and luxury vinyl tiles are concentrated in halls 11 and 12. And halls 12 and 13 house the show’s displays of parquet, wood and laminate flooring. Hall 13 also houses displays of the latest flooring application and installation products and solutions. The convenience factor will be further enhanced by the venue’s excellent integration into the local public transport system and by the new MY DOMOTEX shuttle service, which will transport visitors and exhibitors quickly and directly to wherever they want to go on the exhibition grounds.

With its keynote theme of “ UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE”, DOMOTEX 2018 is focusing on the individualization megatrend and its effects on the flooring industry. In today’s globalized and digitized world, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to express their individuality. Consequently, the products and services they use to shape their lives – including their home lives – are becoming more and personalized and tailored to their needs and preferences. “DOMOTEX is picking up on this trend, because if other products can be tailored to lifestyle preferences, then the same should also be true of floor coverings,” explained Gruchow.

Hall 9 is the new jewel in the crown of DOMOTEX. It is the home of the “Framing Trends” display area, a richly diverse and immersive showcase in which established companies, industry newcomers and artists will engage with the keynote theme in an array of creatively staged displays. “Framing Trends” comprises four distinct zones,
where visitors will be able to experience and interact with all kinds of out-of-the-box ideas and designs. In the “Flooring Spaces” zone, companies from the floor coverings industry will stage extraordinary product showcases that play with and reflect on the individualization trend. Next-door, exhibitors will partner with interior designers to craft inspiring spaces and lifestyle realms in the “Living Spaces” zone. Then there’s the “NuThinkers” zone, where students and young designers will redefine interior design with a dazzling array of unconventional ideas and product prototypes. And finally, the “Art & Interaction” zone will present the keynote theme of “UNIQUE UNIVERSE” in a sensory feast of exhibits from the worlds of art and design, paired
with interactive multimedia displays. To ensure that “Framing Trends” delivers a consistently high-quality visitor experience, the organizers have appointed a panel of experts under the leadership of Peter Ippolito, of Büro Ippolito Fleitz Group (Stuttgart, Germany), who will determine which of the ideas and designs submitted are worthy of going on display.

As its name suggests, the “NuThinkers” zone is for alternative thinkers who can envisage a world beyond the main stream. The exciting new ideas on display there will include a new kind of floor heating system inspired by reptilian thermoregulation, a self-driving robotic painter that can create personalized floors, and a virtual reality software that uses body movement to create individualized spaces in real-time. When it comes to exploring the keynote theme, the sky is – literally – the limit in the “Art & Interaction” zone. “Meanwhile in the Universe”, for instance, is an installation in which visitors can open a window to catch their own little glimpse of infinity – in the form of a live feed of outer space from NASA.

The “Endless Uniqueness” installation offers a similarly interactive perspective on the keynote theme. For this, 50 creatives, including Germany’s ten best interior designers, were each asked build their own personal interpretation of the “UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE” keynote theme in the form of their favorite items and flooring staged inside an open mirror box. The boxes are arrayed opposite a giant mirror kaleidoscope that reflects the boxes and the visitors walking among them. As they walk through this mirror installation, visitors can change and rearrange the materials in the boxes, thereby creating their own unique design universe.

Captivating supporting program in Hall 9
To add to the inspiration on offer, the upcoming show will feature a captivating program of speaking events – the DOMOTEX Talks – inspired by the “UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE” keynote theme. Among those to speak are renowned architects such as Jürgen Mayer H. (J.MAYER.H und Partner, Architekten MbB, Berlin), Andreas Krawczyk (NKBAK,Frankfurt/Main), Chris Middleton(KINZO, Berlin), Werner Aisslinger (Studio Aisslinger, Berlin) and a number off ounders of amazing startups and trailblazing next-generation designers. Held on the“Framing Trends” stage in Hall 9, each day’s
Talks will comprise three speed presentations followed by a moderated discussion panel. The Talks will explore a range of highly topical and innovative projects and ideas from architecture and design. They will be grouped into three main theme areas: “Modular design: individual versus mass-produced?”, “New one-off originals: handmade versus digital?” and “Retail interactive: virtual versus real?” The Talks are aimed primarily at architects, interior and product designers, but are also of interest to forward-thinking exhibitors and visitors. There will also be daily Guided Tours of the show, led by big-name architects and designers. For visitors, the tours are a
great way to gain deeper insights into the keynote theme and the products on display and, of course, to make contact with key exhibitors. In the center of the “Framing Trends” area, visitors and exhibitors will find lounge-style meeting areas and a café – the ideal settings for relaxed, informal dialogue.

The Carpet Design Awards are another Hall 9 highlight. The internationally coveted award honors the world’s best new designer carpets in eight categories. The 24 carpets shortlisted for the award will be on display in Hall 9 for the duration of DOMOTEX. Hall 9 will also have a key focus on the exciting promise of virtual reality as an interior design tool.

Virtual reality is set to transform the way we shop for floor coverings and furnishings and how we connect with one another and perceive the world. On the subject of virtual reality, it is worth noting that DOMOTEX’s organizer, Deutsche Messe, has developed the “hackvention event series “ – a new international series of events in which, among much else, companies from the skilled trades, commerce and industry can use virtual and augmented reality to develop concepts and prototypes for individualized products.

The series runs in August and November 2017, and a number of DOMOTEX exhibitors are taking part. The fruits of their foray into VR and AR will be on show at DOMOTEX 2018.

India Design ID returns

India Design ID, the country’s most definitive design and home decor week, returns from 22nd to 25th February
2018 at New Delhi’s sprawling NSIC Grounds in Okhla.

Block your calendars to come and witness the largest congregation of the best in architecture, interiors and décor. At the India Design ID Exhibit, held over 5 days in February at the NSIC Grounds in Okhla, you will witness specially curated collections across furniture, lighting, interiors, kitchens, accessories, flooring and home technology from the most stylish local and international names. For furniture, at ID 2018, check out the showcases by Beyond Design, Iqrup & Ritz, Ravish Vohra Home, Portside Cafe, for surfaces head to Cocoon Fine Rugs, Jaipur Rugs.

Obeetee Carpets and don’t miss out The Pure Concept and Sarita Handa for fabrics and soft furnishing, plus there’s heaps more new additions and surprises in store. A complete list of exhibitors for 2018 will be up soon.

MIFF 2018 brings more styles and design to buyers

A Showcase of Fresh Ideas for the Global Market KUALA LUMPUR:

The biggest ever edition Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) from 8-11 March, 2018 is shaping up to be an even more exciting must attend event for global furniture buyers with visitor registration opening this week six months before the show. Online registration is available over the show website for free trade entry and early bird benefits. Exhibitor space in most of the 18 halls is nearly fully booked. Major suppliers have taken up bigger booths to upgrade their displays with more variety and new products at Putra World Trade Centre and new co-venue, Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC). Covering an extensive range of home and office solutions and as well as Malaysia’s renowned wood furniture, MIFF 2018 has already signed up 550 Malaysian and foreign exhibitors including a third new companies and Malaysian industry big names such as
Poh Huat Furniture, Lii Hen, Merry fair,

Euro chairs and Wegmans. With the show expanding by 25% to 100,000 square metres from last year, the overall number is set to surpass 600 exhibitors. Almost 20,000 visitors from 132 countries attended the 2017 edition. More are expected to pack next year’s show sporting the lively tagline “Design Connects People”.

Ideal platform for carpet weavers

To promote the cultural heritage and weaving skills of Indian hand-made carpets and other floor coverings
amongst the visiting overseas carpet buyers, the Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) announced its 35th India Carpet Expo 35th India Carpet Expo, from 8 – 11 March, 2018 in NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla, New Delhi (13th in Varanasi) , under the aegis of Government of India. The event that will take place is an ideal platform for International carpet buyers, buying houses, buying agents, architects and Indian carpet manufacturers and exporters, to meet and establish long term business relationship.

Being one of the largest handmade carpet fairs in Asia, the expo offers a unique platform for the buyers to source the best handmade carpets, rugs and other floor coverings under one roof. It has become a popular destination worldwide for handmade carpets. India’s unique capability in adapting to any type of design, colour, quality and size as per the specifications of the carpet buyers has made it a household name in International market. The carpet industry uses diverse raw-materials from various ports of India i.e. wool, silk, manmade fibre, jute, cotton and various blends of different yarns. Economists believe that this industry have immense potential for growth, both in production and exports. Also, it is environment friendly and does not use scarce and perishable energy resources.

Over the years, the India Carpet Expo has established itself as a great sourcing platform for the carpet buyers from all over the globe. The prime objective of the Council in holding the Expo in Delhi, is to provide ‘unique pick and choose’ business opportunity to all overseas carpet buyers. It is the endeavor of the Council to provide exclusive business environment to the carpet importers as well as manufacturers and exporters.

This exhibition is a crucial step towards taking Indian exports of Handmade carpet to much greater and newer heights. The Council sets up a special theme pavilion wherein the experts of the industry are showcasing the process of carpet weaving through the concept of ergonomic and flexible tufting frame.” New designs are being showcased at the Carpet Expo. With the participation of over 305 exhibitors, it has become a popular destination worldwide on Handmade Carpets.

A record number of 410 overseas carpet buyers from around 60 countries mainly Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, U.K., USA etc. shall be visiting the Expo to generate business for this rural based cottage sector. It is the endeavor of the Council to provide exclusive business environment to the both carpet importers as well as manufacturer-exporters, which ultimately will benefit about 2 million weavers and artisans employed in this highly labour intensive rural based MSME cottage industry.

High quality, well engineered and energy efficient equipment for carpet industry

Daniel Chambers, Sales Director stablished for over 100 years and with well over 800 finishing machinery installations, Sellers Global Engineers Limited continues to lead the market with the supply of high quality, well-engineered and energy efficient equipment into the carpet industry. A strong emphasis on flexibility in design allows the Company to provide finishing solutions to a customer’s specific requirements.

Sellers have maintained their position as a market leader for over 60 years in the finishing of all types of carpet and rugs and have been able to achieve this dominance through innovation and developments. Sellers are well known for their Carpet Shearing and Back-coating ranges for all product types including Woven, Tufted, Needle-punch, Tile, and Artificial Grass along with Automotive products, and innovations in all these floor covering areas see Sellers maintain their reputation for many years to come.

Sellers design, manufacture and commission most of their equipment in house in Huddersfield England, where they have done so since they were established. The company has their own mechanical, electrical and software design engineers along with machine shop, fabrication, painting, electri-cal and assembly departments which allows the company to have complete control of all of its design and manufacturing processes. Sellers’ internal manufacturing methods give comfort to its all customers and ensure that they will receive the best possible quality equipment.

The Sellers brand is well is well known throughout the industry for its exceptional quality and service and have sold to almost every major carpet manufacturing company in the world. Sellers work in partnership with each customer to develop their products and ensure that the most advanced features are incorporated into the equipment to ensure improvements on product quality and productivity.

Sellers maintain that every market is of equal importance and with an impressive order book currently containing sales for America, Australia, China, Turkey and much for Europe see’s the company at its busiest for many years. Sellers have a well-established history of supplying equipment into India and see an exciting future for such a large expanding market. It has been noted that much of the current producers within India are now placing a large emphasis on their processes and are looking to improve on products and quality to enable them to compete on a global scale. Sellers feel that this is an exciting time and are looking to support and be a part of this economic development.

Sellers’ success has been strongly accounted to its continued developments in Carpet and Rug finishing and is looking to expand upon this within the Indian market. Sellers provide a solution for all manufacturers from entry level to high end global producers. The company prides itself on providing each customer with the same level of support and service and is looking to develop the service available within the Indian market. Sellers are exhibiting at the forthcoming Domotex Hannover Exhibition in January and would welcome all to their stand in Hall 5 Stand D55 to discuss recent the developments in carpet finishing and enjoy their hospitality.

How crazy it seems, we create your machine

Today Handsaeme Machinery is a company that is specialized in the design and construction of quality machinery for finishing woven and tufted carpets and technical textiles. For 3 generations, or more than 80 years, we have been starting from the production needs of the customer to work out a tailor-made solution for the automation of the production. We have grown over the years to be an international enterprise with the focus on unrolling, cutting (slitting), edge finishing, rolling and packaging (wrapping) machines and production lines for rugs, carpets and technical textiles. Besides in these industries we also work for clients from the wood and sandwich panels industry and we offer all kinds of customized automation solutions for many other businesses.

Our engineers like a challenge and therefore we focus on customized projects on demand rather than standard machines. From the 3D designs to the machine build-up in the production hall, our engineers and co-workers listen carefully to the customer’s needs. Every customer can be sure that the creation of the machine links up with the needs in every step of the process because as a customer, you’re always in close contact with our engineering department. For us, as for our customers, it’s important to keep innovating. Therefore the skills of the entire team are often updated so that we can offer our customers the most advanced techniques.

Each customers’s production distinguishes itself from the competition throughout its quality and exceptional character. To safeguard this unique product range, they need specific machines that are easy to operate and give maximal production efficiency. Together with Handsaeme Machinery, each customer will get the best solution for their needs, within a reasonable budget. The saying “How crazy it seems, we create your machine!” is our motto after all. We always ensure that our machines can be machines can also be built perfectly into an existing production line, or be extended with optional units. We also study your current production, thus ensuring a smooth flow and optimal return on investment.

Furthermore Handsaeme Machinery has in-house a machining department for flat & three dimensional lasercutting, welding, milling and turning steel and aluminium. A team of mechanics works hard to build up the solid construction in our workshop where the machine is tested. After that they come over to your factory for installation and start-up.

For the carpet and technical textile industry we concentrate on those markets that are ready for automation and want to optimize the production of their factories and thus gain more return. We have references all over the world in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

India as a market for automation machinery is very valuable to us. We see that a great number of Indian entrepreneurs are searching for ways to industrialize their factories in order to increase the efficiency and output of the production.

We travel frequently to India accompanied by our local agent (MSB Consulting) to meet the managers in person and to visit the production halls so we can see what is needed with our own eyes in order to make a tailored proposal. Next to that we have already set up various production lines for both woven and tufted carpet in India and we hope to strengthen our market position in India over the next five years by reaching the individual needs of the Indian customers.

The last decade we see that many floor furnishing manufacturers are coping with the need to automate the production and finishing of the carpets they make due to trying to increase the efficiency. In fact, many players in the floor furnishing industry and in the carpet industry in particular, are seeking ways to slowly but surely change the production processes that were more manual in the past, to be automated so they can keep competing in the market. We from Handsaeme Machinery go to the actual production plants of our customers to see how the current situation is and how we can improve the efficiency according to the budget. For many customers we feel that a gradual change is the best way to cope with this trend in the floor furnishing industry.

Recently, there have been some changes in the development of our machines to make them more effective and profitable in the long run. For instance, on a slitting machine we have installed ultrasonic cutting heads instead of thermal cutting heads because the cutting is done more rapidly and also on a higher quality scale. With the ultrasonic cutting heads, we have a cleaner cut in the carpets so the carpet will not fray out as much anymore. Another recent innovation from our R&D department is a triple overedging line. This machine has 3 units in one frame, so it can finish the long edges of 3 carpets or runners simultaneously. Most runners have a width between 50 cm and 1,5 m. Overedging these separate runners is not cost efficient with the actual technology, because each type of runner of 1 specific dimension has to be finished separately. Next to being a great place saver, this machine is also very economic: only 1 operator is needed for the 3 units.