About Us

Floortech Communique is a comprehensive magazine, set up with the objective to promote and develop exports & retail of Handmade & Machinemade Carpets, Rugs, Carpet Tiles, Furniture, Luxury Venyl Tiles and other floor coverings alongwith its technology. It is for promotion of exports from country and projected India’s “Make in India” image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality handmade & machinemade carpet products. Floortech Communique is providing assistance for brand building of Indian carpets, through publicity, participating in and organizing world renowned trade fairs, expositions and road shows etc around the word in established markets. Also exploring potential and upcoming markets globally for promotion of Indian carpets, rugs, floor coverings & furnitures etc.

We are proud to be the only one for Indian Carpets, Interior Designs & Furnitures who are renowned all over the world for their exquisite market information, designs, subtle elegance, attractive colours and its technology. India is possessing market share of around 35% of total world import of Handmade Carpets. India takes a global leap in its textile exports with the strong base of improved infrastructure, quality and technology.