A new milestone with ‘Lichen Collection’

Mohawk Group recently received Petal Certification for Water, Place, and Health & Happiness in the Living Product Challenge for the LichenCollection, a modular carpet tile product backed by the company’s EcoFlex NXT backing. Designed by ILFI Founder and Board Chairman Jason F. McLennan of McLennan Design, the Lichen Collection incorporates both biophilia and biomimicry, and is designed to be manufactured within the water balance for the site of the factory in Virginia.

The company also showcased their social responsibility by offsetting the product’s water footprint through a water hand print at Mo rehouse College in Atlanta, where Mohawk invested in upgrades to plumbing fixtures to achieve water efficiencies on campus. Finally, Mohawk is donating a portion of product revenue to habitat preservation and restoration through the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, a protected natural resource with a trailhead that is visible from the company’s design center.

The ILFI’s Living Product Challenge is a product certification program, advocacy tool and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in product manufacturing today. The Challenge is comprised of seven performance categories called Petals: place, water, energy, health & happiness, materials, equity and beauty. Petal Recognition is given to products that satisfy the requirements in three categories of the Living Product Challenge, when at least one is water, energy or materials. Lichen met the place, water, and health & happiness Petals.

“Mohawk has significantly raised the bar with their new LPC certified Lichen Collection by launching a product that is 3rd party verified to be non-toxic and net positive for water through an incredible partnership with Morehouse college to create water Handprints. The product is a perfect marriage of sustainability and design, and is a concrete example of how companies can create positive change in the world through the Living Product Challenge,” said James Connelly, living product challenge director for ILFI.

Mohawk Group commissioned Jason F. McLennan, of McLennan Design and founder of the Living Product Challenge, to design the Lichen Collection. Inspired by the idea of “Nature’s Carpet,” the design team looked at natural assemblages of rich multihued, multi-textured lichens from extreme climates as the foundation for the collection. Just as lichens play a regenerative role in their ecosystem, the Lichen Collection gives more resources back to the environment than it uses during its entire life cycle.

“Lichen isn’t a singular, isolated accomplishment for our talented design team, but a sign of more offerings on the way. Lichen has been a strategic opportunity to introspectively look at different ways we can have a net positive impact on people and the environment, leaving a ‘handprint’ as we seek to touch the built environment like never before,” said Jackie Dettmar, Vice-President of product design and development for Mohawk Group.

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